Dr. Jay Lehr is a powerful, entertaining speaker who combines a deep understanding of both science and economics in describing the impact of advancing technologies on the local, regional, national, and global economy. Economist and Futurist Dr. Jay Lehr makes people feel good about the environment and American Agriculture. He combines 5 decades of expertise and experience in Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Environmental Science and Business Administration with the most contagious enthusiasm for the future of the American Farm and Ranch. With hard science to support his beliefs, he never fails to lift the spirits of the men and women working in every facet of agri-business today. His precise knowledge of U.S. Farm, energy and environmental legislation as well as every international farm support program and the direction they are moving allows him to confidently predict a bright future for American Farm Exports, sustainable energy and for the environment. His vast experience and support for the successful, economically beneficial use of corn in many products including ethanol; and use of soy in many products including bio-fuels and long term safety of advances in biotechnology serve to answer many of the questions on the minds of the average grain farmer and energy consumer. Lehr has spoken to hundreds of groups, seminars, major news networks, radio programs and has written nineteen books to spread true science, educate on today's hot topics and to dispell the unfair and inaccurate claims made by environmental advocacy groups.
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Dobbs.gif (10862 bytes) Dr. Jay Lehr discusses Global Warming with CNN's Lou Dobbs.
Holds a degree in Geological Engineering from Princeton

Earned one of the nation's first Ph.D.s in Environmental Science from the University of Arizona

Founded and sold two education companies to
Fortune 500 Corporations

Has written 19 books and over 900 journal articles in his fields of expertise

On 36 occasions has testified in congress to explain the realities of environmental issues as it related to pending legislation

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